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全球最大型行動通訊年度盛會─MWC 2018(參訪廠商篇)_應用服務組 卓卿敏 經理

一、Nokia (暨貝爾實驗室)

Nokia今年以全數位體驗安排展示攤位,分六大展區:Digital Health, Digital Life, Digital City, Digital Enterprise, Digital Service Provider和Future X。由於時間關係,挑了四個展示如下

1. Digital Health: Nokia Aging in Place solution

Create a safe, secure and comfortable home environment for elderly, but also for ill people recovering at home. Imagine being able to monitor their activity, track unpredicted behavior (not getting out of bed on time), validate if they eat. And be able to immediately react if their vital signs are off: heartrate, blood pressure, water/fat percentage. All sensors are unobtrusive and provide an easy way to lower the barrier of acceptance. And with added predictive analysis to reassure family of the safety of their elders.
2. Digital Life: User case demo: Shared car experience & fleet security

The “car that becomes you” is a vehicle that adapts to the user rather than having the user adapt to it. A “digital twin” mirror copy of the car and the settings for the car exists in the cloud so that when a user gets in a new car (shared), all of the car’s settings are adapted to the user:  Beyond entertainment following you, also cloud-configuration of Entry keys, Mirrors, Navigation, Seats, Charging/Payments, Environmental, etc. A big concern for connected cars is security – we show how can CSPs help address this. Road safety is critical in all unassisted, assisted and in autonomous modes – providing maximum safety for the driver and the travelers. Cars are not new. Our take on the shared car is interesting to people because most of the cars people see are not focused on the shared car experience which will be prevalent in the future. A similar idea for hotel rooms was presented by Amazon where Alexa is used to know who the room-user is and personalize things like playlists since they are stored in the cloud. This “shared” digital twin idea is a hot topic that we don’t think our major competition will have crystalized yet.
3. Digital Service Provider

Nokia bolsters service providers’ ability to combat growing ransomware threat. Our solution includes a security scorecard with actionable guidance to correct visible issues. It provides preventive and proactive security solution to safeguard networks and devices and optional managed your security with our 24/7 high available security operation centers.
Our demo identifies gaps in perimeter and IoT security technologies to understand potential vulnerabilities in networks and will simulates an advanced persistent cyberattack. We showcase incident response with an automated, dynamic and predictive process, improving service providers’ ability to detect and mitigate threats before breaches occur.
4. Digital Enterprise: 5G tactile production systems

For industrial enterprise customers, improving productivity and increasing safety is a business imperative.
Automation is increasing, introducing more machines into the workplace alongside humans. Existing wired technologies are used to control these machines, specifically in hazardous operations. Wired connectivity can reduce the flexibility in configuration and can be more expensive to install and maintain. Current wireless technologies do not meet the scale and reliability demands for these types of critical operations. The mobile remote control of robots using force and tactile feedback for handling of hazardous materials provides a safe and more flexible working environment. The ultra-low latency and high reliability of 5G, using MEC and network slicing address the challenges for sensor computation, synchronization between video, tactile, and force feedback, and prioritization.
In this live demonstration attendees can remotely control a robot and experience the feeling of different materials.


Nokia對NCC及TTC一行極為禮遇,大中華區副總裁及多位台灣區總經理全程陪伴,並安排進入貝爾實驗室Nokia Bell labs展區實際演練包括個人健康照護及遠端醫療、智慧城市自動車及微型基站等最新技術。該展區為封閉式空間,須事先預約,經Nokia審查通過人士才可進入參觀,展示內容禁止拍照



1. Join the Ericsson IoT ecosystem

Ericsson invites application developers and service providers to join our growing IoT ecosystem in the IoT Accelerator Marketplace.

2. Turn on 5G with Ericsson’s complete 5G Platform

Be first to market with 5G and grow 4G capacity in your network now.

3. Turn on 5G with Ericsson Radio System

Ericsson Radio System is your complete solution to build a 5G Radio Access Network and turn on 5G.

4. Distributed cloud

Ericsson distributed cloud is a solution that will allow operators to capitalize on the enormous potential of digital transformation coupled with 5G.
By opening the door to new use cases and business models, Ericsson distributed cloud will enable operators to address a rapidly expanding market for telecom workloads, IoT applications and new applications.

5. The next big thing in small cells

Ericsson is introducing the 5G Radio Dot for enhanced mobile broadband, enabling operators to meet rising demand for superior indoor connectivity. Join us in our hall to learn and see more.




1.     Better Connections

♦5G is now
♦ All cloud network towards 5G
♦ Cloud and network synergy empowers B2B
♦ IoT as a service

2.     Better business growth

♦Unlocking consumer mobility business
♦Premium home broadband
♦Video powers new growth

3.     Better experiences

♦Better transformation for better experience


Qualcomm Snapdragon X50 5G Modem為全球第一具完成符合3GPP規範的5G NR串接應用的數據晶片,主要應用在智慧型手機、行動熱點(hotspot)、電腦及平板、VR裝置等。

在LTE技術上,第三代的Gigabit LTE modem - Qualcomm Snapdragon X24 LTE modem下載速度可達2 Gbps,可以和X50搭配同時配置在裝置上,同時相容於4G和5G系統,在通訊技術交替的過程中提供無縫接軌。

最新的Snapdragon 845 Mobile Platform手機晶片包含強大功能:

Qualcomm Spectra 280 ISP:可拍攝每秒60幅16MP影像
Adreno 630 Visual Processing Subsystem:強化的圖型及影像處理速度
AI Platform:第三代Qualcomm® Hexagon™ 685 DSP,提供更複雜的AI運算能力
Qualcomm Secure Processing Unit (SPU):提供更高的資料保密機制
X20 Modem & Wi-Fi:在支援802.11ad multi-gigabit Wi-Fi and integrated 2x2 802.11ac.環境下較先前版本(X16)提升20%速率
Virtually All-Day Battery Life and Quick Charging:更省電及快速充電


經濟部通訊產業發展推動小組與工業技術研究院今年以 5G、AI、IoT、AR/VR為主題,結合中華電信、研華科技、寶蘊凌科、現觀科技、數位宅妝、佐臻、云辰電子、盟創科技、物聯智慧與鈺登科技等公司在MWC台灣館展出。


工研院本次展現兩項新技術,多基站與多天線合作系統(Network MIMO for 5G UDN)及「智慧型行動網緣運算平台」(iMEC)。現場也設計體驗式情境,讓參觀者實際感受5G帶來的高速飆網和低延遲性。如運用8個小型基地台的超密集佈建、在覆蓋區域高度重疊,仍可達成接近8倍成長的系統效能,與會者可以在現場透過使用影音串流的服務,直接上網瀏覽影片,體驗高速網路的效能。另外也運用多接入網緣運算技術(MEC,Multi-access Edge Computing),於現場模擬崩塌山洞內救災的即時影像傳輸,透過遠端遙控車操控體驗應用,感受iMEC技術帶來的低延遲特性。充分展現MEC的即時運算效能。

寶蘊凌科首次推出「Linker AI Platform」,提供易於使用的AI開發環境,加速基礎架構的部署、數據收集、數據的預先處理,以及模型訓練建構的過程。現場實機展示智慧追蹤辨識,透過軟硬體整合,讓鏡頭具有學習與思辨能力,是未來可結合5G與AI人工智慧進攻市場的解決方案。

現觀科技將以「MI」(Mobility Intelligence)平台,利用基地台的定位演算技術,建立DMP(Data Management Platform)平台,追蹤手機用戶的各類數據,包含用戶軌跡模型、上網行為與興趣、社交網路分析、交易記錄、漫遊資訊,並結合開源資料,利用進階的深度學習與AI人工智慧,對用戶做360度的消費者洞察的預測與分析,為全球電信營運商,帶來行動通訊5G時代的用戶全貌解決方案。


盟創科技本次特以「To Make a Better Connected World」為題,展示出具廣覆蓋率、低功耗及大量連結特性的NB-IoT gateway解決方案來帶動智慧家庭布建的彈性與效率。此外亦開發Mesh Wi-Fi、進階LTE Fixed Wireless Solutions with LAA Small Cell + CAT12 CPE和LTE-V車聯網解決方案,打造優化的穩定網路環境。
智邦科技子公司鈺登科技,展出重點包含大數據中心交換器(Big Data DataCenter Switch)、針對電信商與企業市場客製的第3層/第2層交換器產品系列等網通解決方案。

佐臻本次將首次對外展示最新智慧眼鏡「J2」(Jorjin Reality),除了現實視野疊加影像外,J2還要能夠進行互動。這款智慧眼鏡也代表同步定位與地圖建置(SLAM , Simultaneous localization and mapping)技術成熟的里程碑,代表與現實環境構連的AR擴增實境,J2不只實現一般的AR影像疊加技術,更是有深度感測(3D感測)運算與影像的智慧眼鏡。

數位宅妝iStaging起始於整合建築、房仲、設計師之間的VR虛擬實境平台,戴上VR頭顯,讓看屋、設計毋須千里迢迢。本次在MWC的舞台,將展出運用最新AI人工智慧運算,可將手機變成為高級環景相機的「VR Maker」,不僅能快速將實體零售商品數位化為AR物件,也讓零售產業用合理的花費享用到此項服務,正式將觸角延展到新零售與電商的領域。



以色列館由以色列經濟部對外貿易管理局集合以色列65家廠商共同展出。展出內容包含電信設備、電信服務、智慧家庭設備、智慧城市方案、汽車行動產業、金融公司等等。由於廠商眾多,在有限時間內主要深度參訪電信網路設備商RAD、Cyber Security Mobile Device廠商Softil、IoT感知技術方案eyeSight、IoT及AI技術應用ANAGOG。


本展覽研討會內容豐富、時程緊湊,參展廠商素質精良且數量眾多,會場管理及安全管控嚴謹,設施及服務品質優良,果然是一個高水準的國際性展覽。本次會場之大,單從南入口走到Hall 8就要花費約40分鐘,可見其規模。在為期四天的會期時間,根本無法參加所有的活動及參觀所有的攤位,因此事先的規劃及聯繫顯得特別重要。本次參訪如Nokia、Ericsson、華為及Qualcomm等等大廠,事前皆與該公司代表多次協商討論,才得以順利參訪。此次參訪廠商超過20家,會面各公司管理高層及專業人士超過50人,預設目的皆達成,成果豐碩。